Friday, August 29, 2008

Week 3/ Rachel's attacks

Here we go! week 3! sorry about the long wait. well, this week we did more cutting, and sewed a few pieces together. And, of course, had delicious snacks. Here are the pictures and video! video description: Danielle is tired of almost being killed and confronts Rachel. Rachel and me stuffing our mouths with as many cherries as possible.......ect

(below) Rachel doing her "classic" "attack danielle while she is not
looking" pose.

Attack pose number 2: bite her head off

attack pose number 3: pretend like your about to give them a shoulder massage and then ATTACK!

Boy! this weeks pics turned out to be alot of Rachel attacking
attack pose number 4:snipping of earlobe?

Deer in the headlights!!!!

Bob texting.....(its an addiction)

Rachel measuring her legs...yeah whatever lol

The Unknown person


pretty Danielle!

This was only hours before Danielle was to find out

what her baby was........and none of us could stand the wait

Bubba has a long nose....Bubba has a problem with lying
Rachel stole Danielle's phone


Kelly did lots of sewing...she's good at it!

Santa Bubba

Rachel stuffing her face with cherries
and the side affects....belly ache

this is what was sewn together this week

scrap pile



Kelly Spezzano said...

BTW those last three pictures were proof that what Sara has been saying about not sewing over pins is true... HOWEVER- I refuse to conform to what some "sewing" teacher says! I am sewing over the pins! I have plenty of needles in case we have any more accidents like this one. Just watch out for your eyes! :)

~*Hannah*~ said...

yes.I like my eyes, they are very helpful sometimes