Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Week 4 post #2 read POST #1 first

Bob also has his own chair....well, actually he took Danielle's chair
Bob at the leg factory
Bob's new legs

its not finished, but we can pretend......

Lisa brought the quilt top she made, and showed it to us. she's good!
aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh PIZZA HUT FOR LUNCH!!!!!!!!
i know I said that I would post vids, but the computer won't let me right now, so I will have to try later. The vids are hilarious! somehow we will get them on here asap

Week 4 post 1 videos too!

We have week 4 pictures here! We had an awesome week look at the picture on the top/left side of the blog! That is what we accomplished at the end of yesterday. The whole center part/piece. Awesome! We also had a special guest this week, Lisa! Her picture is below, I ment to put hers on top but these pictures did not load like I wanted them too. Anyway, picture # 1, This was not my idea,lol. Someone let Rachel use the sewing machine.......I know what your thinking. WHY. but she actually did pretty good.

um, well I decided to do all the sewing machine pictures first, Danielle's sewing machine was being pretty disobediant.....well, VERY, we decided to call in some help....someone who, can help in times of peril......someone, someone like Bob.

(oh yeah, Bob grew legs)

I finally got a good picture of Sara using the sewing machine.


okay, eveyone, I need to start another post to add the rest/of a whole bunch of awesome stuff.