Wednesday, March 26, 2008

its almost done loading.....come on computer.......NO!!!!!!!!

Sorry, there was an error uploading your video. Please contact support and include the following information:
aaaaaahhhhhhh! that is the message I keep getting! And then they can't contact or connect to blogger when I try vids either.
WHY! ive uploaded videos on my blog before with this computer! ugh, it only had one more bar to go.......
I'll get Sara, and me and her (when she gets back from IN that is) will get these uploaded!!
Don't worry people! We must not give up, I bet thats what Bob would tell us if he could talk.

Also a note to people: we are going to start quilting on THURSDAYS, because Sara and Rachel have jobs now, and have to work Tuesdays.
oh, uh by the way its not 9:00 in the morning, the time is wrong on our blog, its 12:30