Thursday, December 18, 2008

Week 11

Hi! This is Danielle and this will probably be the last quilting journal post from my account as Hannah now has her very own camera to create havoc with once again. However, last week Sara and I were ditched by EVERYONE else. Yes, Bob shed many tears over it and needed a small klenex.

Bubba was disappointed too, but was able to console him. Meanwhile, Sara and I were able to get a great deal done and had much intellectual conversation with Sis. Tina.We had a great time together, but it was VERY quite without Rachel or Hannah. Hopefully next week Kelly will be back as well with little Joshua (yeah, I forsee lots of quilting going on then).

Friday, December 5, 2008

Week 10

Week 10
Hey its Hannah here again, with week 10 of quilting! Sadly not all of the quilters could come today, Kelly of course stayed home with baby Joshua this time, and Rachel was working. So yeah.....nobody got attacked. I know that this probably disapoints alot of people, but hey the only other people were the attackees, so nobody really would of known HOW to attack anyway. Even though Danelle has attempted to....but as you probably know, redheads just dont seem to have that natural attackingable talent.(sorry danielle) anyway, sorry I didnt get more pictures, I get easily distracted sometimes. most of the pictures dont need explaining

(below) the two quilters. for some reason it seems to take longer with only 2.


Bob and Bubba are becoming very popular as you probably know. Therefore they decided they needed a more sophisticated look. hince the "pinned on" mole? yeah......i dont know......

a square on the quilt

Bubba's turn

Danielle's pretty shiny phone, used to text random people on quilting days


Shadow loves to play on the quilt!!
and laying on Danielle's stuff

Monday, November 10, 2008

Week 9 in video/ Danielle is kidnapped

So here is all of week nine in a video! all the pictures, and some video too! since its in a video, there isnt much to say here! just watch and enjoy!!!! the catis sara's cat, his name is shadow. he loved playing on top of the quilt!!! oh and make sure you watch it to see the story about Danielle being held hostage from Gary!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Week 8 (yeah, Hannah is finally posting it!!!)

its Hannah! here are the week 8 pics, we are finally starting to quilt the thing together! sorry I didn't get very many pics of us actually But ya know, at a quilt gathering you never spend the whole time actually quilting. Its about half work,and half snacking/chatting!

Danielle never fails to get THIS kinda face in a picture!

Like my camera affects?



Danielle! (this should be ur profile pic or something, becuz its good!)


I baked some frozen pizzas for lunch.....which I burned for the second time. I love to take pics of people trying to eat pizza. and Sara loves to pose for them.


she's smiling, yes. but I think she secretly was thinking if I didnt stop taking pictures of her she was going to use that fork as a weapon.....

attack of the shadow cat!!!!!! shadow LOVES to play with sheets!!!!

perty shadow


Rachel planning her attack

I am kinda the "attack-picture-director person."

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Week 7 - 9/25- New Layout!!!!! video too

I'm going to let Hannah have at this like usual, but I thought I would insert a few comments here and there of my own this time in black.
Hey everyone, welcome to the new and improved layout of Sisters-in-Stitches!!!
This is your quilting reporter Hannah A. coming to you as usual (and a little late) sorry about the long wait for new blog pictures...even tho these are from the LAST week we posted (not this week) this weeks picturesd will be up soon. ( we are already starting to actually quilt it all together now! very exciting!) A lot of the pictures dont need any explaining....

below: Rachel, what else can I say?
HA! I love the look on Dani's face here....priceless
Sister Kelly, working very hard as usual


Here (above) I'm checking out No GaryB on facebook, for more check out Kelly's blog here.

(Below) Danielle has finished the patch that we are going to put on our first quilt we finished (which we haven't given away yet. she did a great job!!! it has all of our initials, the date we finished it, and our name "Sisters-in-Stitches, and "quilt 1" on it

Bob and Bubba being adorable
seee? quilt one is still here. we are HOPING to give it to one of the elderly ladies at our church, if she wants it.

Sara's kitty shadow. Abel was playing with his remote control car and Shadow loves chasing it.

See Bob is the King of Tomatoes! We are very honored to have him come to quilting with us. Below all the remaining pictures Abel took for us after Rachel and Hannah and Cloe left for the eye doctor's.
Abel really likes his superman shirt, and wanted all to see it.

After we finished cleaning up the kitchen and stuffs. Sara hanging out making us pregnant ladies look even bigger.