Friday, December 5, 2008

Week 10

Week 10
Hey its Hannah here again, with week 10 of quilting! Sadly not all of the quilters could come today, Kelly of course stayed home with baby Joshua this time, and Rachel was working. So yeah.....nobody got attacked. I know that this probably disapoints alot of people, but hey the only other people were the attackees, so nobody really would of known HOW to attack anyway. Even though Danelle has attempted to....but as you probably know, redheads just dont seem to have that natural attackingable talent.(sorry danielle) anyway, sorry I didnt get more pictures, I get easily distracted sometimes. most of the pictures dont need explaining

(below) the two quilters. for some reason it seems to take longer with only 2.


Bob and Bubba are becoming very popular as you probably know. Therefore they decided they needed a more sophisticated look. hince the "pinned on" mole? yeah......i dont know......

a square on the quilt

Bubba's turn

Danielle's pretty shiny phone, used to text random people on quilting days


Shadow loves to play on the quilt!!
and laying on Danielle's stuff

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Dani said...

I'm glad that you finally put up more pictures and stuff. Now you have your own camera, and can post all by yourself again!