Thursday, March 13, 2008

FINALLY! Week Three of Quilting!!

Hannah was not able to attend this weeks quilting extravaganza *snif* so I was the replacement photographer.

We were all very excited about this weeks quilting episode, because so many of us had been sick with some form of virus or another, and it was very saddening having to cancel last time. Since some of my family was still sick at my house, Sister Kelly graciously offered to host it at her house Tuesday!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! She even provided us with Dr. Pepper, Snacks, and music for all to enjoy.

Where we left off last time, we had just started sewing the corner pieces to go on the main squares of our quilt. You should be surprised at how much we a way...this week!

Before I begin, you all remember our mascot, "Bob" right? Well, he's still with us , here you see he's enjoying one of many acupuncture treatments. GO BOB!

Here are the three seamstresses ( I offered to do something else and just watch them... my skills on the machine are VERY would not be wise to put me in that circle, lol)

During our project, sister Kelly's cats kept a watchfil eye out for anything out of the oridinary, or in their case, a rodent of some sort.

And here we are viewing pictures of THE most dangerous job of all, ironing, which just happened to be given to me.........I found out that if a concentrate really hard ( I hate ironing) I can actually do a decent job and not burn myself. Oh, and you should all know by now that I have a reputation for finding new "weapons" each week which I use on my "victims" a.k.a the other three peeps in our group. ( do not worry, so far it has only been attempts to hurt, no one has been injured yet.....yet....) The new weapon is " THE IRON!" It burns, it pretty sweet.

Once we finished sewing and ironing the corner pieces together ( above picture)
Danielle and I started pinning together the whole square which Sara and Kelly then sewed together. They were also seing toegther more of those blue and white fabric peices.

TA-DA~!! Sara is happily displaying our first finished square!!! IS IT NOT THE MOST AMAZING AND EXCITING THING YOU EVER SAW?????????? Not bad for our first time....well at keast for that part.

Alas, our happy little group of four sewing ladies, would no longer be the fairytale we all thought it to be. Nay, great trials and tribulations threatened to end our quilt for all eternity. A certain "someone" ( NOT ME! I PROMISE) accidentally skipped over a part of the quilting instructions and we ended up sewing all the blue triangles to the white rectangles, and we were not suppose to use them all up like that. So below you witness the terrible consequences of that persons mistake.....we ended up spending the rest of our day ripping seams.

oh, by the way, another good weapon is a seam ripper.

But one of the highlights of our visit, was getting to see Tracey and her newborn kittens!!!!! Tracey is the cat that Sister Kelly is fostering until the babies are old enough to be adopted out. We spent about fifteen minutes before and after we quilted watching this momma and her adorable babies. Tracey is doing very well, and she's so happy, and such a good mother. The babies are all healthy as well, and just sooooo cute!!!

So that's week three of quilting, and I hope you viewing enjoyed! Next week we will be doing it again at sister Kelly's house, hopefully there won't be anymore delays because this is just too much fun! And oh the things we talk about.....hee hee