Saturday, August 23, 2008

Week 2

Quilting week 2!!!!! Sorry I didn't get as many pictures as I usually
do, (its prolly because all the delicious food that sis. kelly provided
distracted me!)
this week we did cutting!

(below) here is Bob and Bubba to welcome you down on the farm!

this, is a really good picture, that I don't even remember taking....but its really cool!

DANIELLE! (Danielle's having a Huckleberry Britt.....
Danielle's having a baby boy named Huckleberry Britt....

Here is Rachel, as usually trying to attack Danielle
sis.KELLY!!!!!!!!!! (Kelly's having a baby boy named Joshua....
la-la-la! im happy)

Here is King Pouncer dressed up in his BEST collar
sara! (i just realized that I didn't get like

any pictures of us doing quilting type bad)

but i DID get plenty of pictures of Rachel attacking Danielle!!!!
Danielle confronts Rachel..........(scary)
the kinda hideous looking yellow that we are using

(we are using it SPARINGLY, so don't worry)
Rachel tells Danielle that she's not the least bit scared of her
The King again


Kelly Spezzano said...

We have such a good time. I think everyone should have a quilting day like ours each week! :)

Dani said...

You know Gary already thinks that we don't do anything except talk and eat. This doesn't help our case here.

Anonymous said...

Gary seem to be O.K. with our " Guys Grill Night Out " where our whole intent was to eat and talk. We didn't even mask our intentions with something noble like quilting. Bye the Bye, I think maybe its about time for another. What do you think Brother Gary? Now you can make the case, well thats all you girls do. Right.

Borrowed Dad