Thursday, July 31, 2008

Starting quilt number 2!

Bob and Bubba are proud to present the beginnings of quilt number two!!!!
Last week on thursday, we all went to Danielle's house to pick out a pattern, and start a new quilt!!

(below) this part is probably the hardest part...picking out the
pattern and fabrics... especially since they are so extremely good, they
gotta pick out something for there level of quilting...not any
of that easy

This, is a picture of Danielle shower curtian... (below)
she says: (this is a direct quote too!)
"It is the most hideous thing I have ever seen,
or at least really close to the most hideous
thing I've ever seen"
But I mean, come on they are not that bad, they
are only 20 years old. you may be wondering why they are still there? Gary, (thats right) Gary wants them to stay there.....ok, back to quilting....

its sad, because Rachel was not able to come again, her weapons miss her....
Last time Shadow got dressed up, this time its Brodie's turn
look how happy he is!

ok, so about half the day was spent eating delicous snacks provided
by Danielle...
Gary hacking into Danielle's facebook to
play games
I really like taking pictures of plates that
have been eaten off of.....its SO artistic!

Danielle eating yummy smore dessert that Sis. Kelly made.
she looks....happy

oh! look! ok, so we really wanted to use this yellow
in the quilt becuz it matched. (not becuz it looks
like a color for football jerseys)
But, before that, you had to rip all the seems out...yep they were old
pillow shams!!

sara cutting the fabric....and some weird person with no name
bubba had a temporary friend for this meeting. I call him, Lil' Voodoo. becuz in reality, he is a voodoo cherry tomato. Speaking of tomatos....Danielle had cherry tomatos as part of our snack...TOMATOS! i absaloutly adore tomatos! Gary, had told danielle NOT to buy tomatos, because nobody would eat them, can you believe him??? ended up all the tomatos were gone buy the end of the day....
Rest in Peace Lil' Voodoo


Dani said...

Yep, only Lil' Voodoo tomatoe was left. I can't wait till tomorrow to work on the quilt again.

strem said...

I'm still so jealous of all of you. I need someone to quilt with me. Are you sure some of you (or all of you) can't move up here so we can quilt together??? Great job on the first quilt! I love it!