Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Huckleberry Britt. post 2 of the day

Below is the post about us finishing the quilt!!!!!!! But while we were quilting, we also decided to try and help Danielle decide on a names for the Baby she is going to be having. Since she perferably wants a Bible name, we took out this bible name book. And began the search

Here are some awesome names I found and wrote down....this one I thought was soooo totally awesome, I could not stop saying it to myself. Vajezatha Britt. It is a pleasure to type that name on the keyboard! it is so pretty. I mean, if it was MY child that name would be on top of the list, the one on the bottom of the picture is a real name too. I think its a wonderful name also. even though I cant really pronounce it....Danielle should still consider it. Uriah Britt (just so you know, britt is Gary's middle name, that is going to be the middle name, for real.) It has a good ring to it. And Danielle almost really considered it for a split second!

ALAS! what can I say????? Huckleberry Britt. That is the most awesome name I have ever heard in my whole entire life!!!!!! this is going to really be the child's nickname if its a boy..
I cant say enough about this name! Everytime I say it it brightens my day! And when he has turned eighteen, it can be shortened to Huck. (and danielle could even use this as its real name....but for some reason she is not as enthusiastic about it as me....I mean, berries are in the Bible! so it sooooo totally counts!)
This is a note on the bottom of the page of names to give to Gary. (if you cant read it , let me know....)


Dani said...

That's cause Uriah sounded good after everything else you suggested.

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