Thursday, September 11, 2008

Week 5 - 9/4 Video!!!

So its been a while since there has been a quilting post. Sorry about that! This is about week 5, week 4 will be posted later since I used a differant camera that day. Anyway, this week we sewed alot of peices together. This quilt is getting put together alot faster than our first one! :) Because we are pro, seasoned experts! I actually dont have much explaining to do for these pictures.........
and this week Lydia, Chloe, and Abel came with us and played wii while the rest quilted



Bob getting ready for the wedding this weekend

Hardworking quilters......... sara,Kelly, and Joshua

classic attack by rachel on the unknowing Danielle

look what we did............while using minimum amounts of yellow fabric

danielle and Huckleberry

again....delicious snacks

Rachel's new name:Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (and I got the spelling right from wikepedia)

the unknown......(mwhahahahahaha)


Sara attacking Rachel?!?!!??!

yeah its upside down for some

the kitties were pretty tired after this was all over

Video: watch abel make his sound effects for the Wii. and some video of us quilting!


Dani said...

It's upside down because you took it upside down, and I didn't turn it because I figured there is some strange reason that you were taking upside down pictures and just went with it.

~*Hannah*~ said...

oh, yeah.....I remember now.