Thursday, May 15, 2008


Bubba was distraught, as most of you know, he does like to eat some... and he did not get any pie!!!!! (read below)
Week 9 of sisters in stitches quilting: we once again had quilting at sis. Bonita Varnums house! It went really well, but as we say only an hour is usually spent doing the actual quilting out of the 3 hours we are there, the other 2 are spent doing stuff.... like you see in my pictures :) but, I do get pictures of the actual quilting...and we are almost done! They are still doing the actual stitching-quilting part. and again...aahhhhhhhhh...ALAS! the picture have once again loaded funky. (thats weird using "alas" and "funky" in the same sentance) oh! aaaaand it was Danielle's birthday!!!!! Sis. Kelly made her peanut butter pie, and Sara made her a DR.Pepper cake....and lots of really awesome stuff....and sis. Kelly brought a special hat for her to wear too.

I will give descriptions above each picture (the funky loading thing)
belowwwwww: yeah, we got to sing her happy birthday...(it sounded.......nevermind)lol just kidding.

thats the hat



Here is Bob!!!! Bob, as most of you know, is famous, he has to deal with a lot of stress, because being famous means there will be stress...he's thinking of maybe taking a small vacation some day in the near-far-future

ok, so Justin stopped by, (during his work break?) while we were quilting. i dont have anything else really to say about this picture, except he is obviously tying a knot in the thread.

Justin made this with Danielle's hat.."PAY DAY"

Here is the awesome Dr. Pepper cake, lots of yummy dr.pepper to drink, dr. pepper colored nail polish...Dr.pepper flavored chap stick.... yeah, Danielle does like dr.pepper!! :)


Dani said...

It was the best surprise b'day ever. I didn't think that we were doing anything at all, and that made my day!

Kelly Spezzano said...

Special day for a special person! :) You look like your glowing in these pics... were you by chance pregnant at the time? HA HA...

Anonymous said...

HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHAAAHHAAHA Ha haha ha. Oh stop it, my sides are hurting. What a bunch of funny Ladies you GUY'S are. I am so glad that you can have that much fun together. What a neat Sister Hood you have formed.

Borrowed Dad