Monday, May 19, 2008

Bob and Bubba hit the BIG SCREEN!!

yes, you all may be very shocked that I Rachel, am posting on this blog...but I have Hannah's yeah.


I will probably be posting random videos of our quilting journey on here during the next few weeks.

Today you will witness what our mascot Bob, has had to deal with over the months.
In the end , Bob is reunited with Bubba!!

The Adventures of Bob and Bubba


Anonymous said...

What a hooot. I can't help it. Bob is the funnest thing I have ever seen and now he is on video. Next thing you know he will have his own full length movie. I can see it now, ER Bob. As the Cheif Medical Pin cushion at regional Medical center, see Bob stand the pressures of emergency room delimahs as he courageously holds suitures and hypodermic needles for the greatest doctors in the world such as Dr. Kildare, Dr.Marcus Wellaby and others. OOOOORRRRR. CIS Bob. Watch Bob fight crime in the underworld while keeping everyone on pins and needles as he quickly applies the art of accupuncture to subdue felons that thought they could make crime pay. I just got a shiver. I am personally looking forward to the next eppisode of What In The World BOB.

Borrowed Dad

Dani said...

Borrowed Dad, you are the funniest guy I know.

Kelly Spezzano said...

Dad, you apparently missed your calling in the entertainment writer's guild! LOL Those sound like some pretty intense roles for Bob... I was thinking more a long the lines as an HGTV role like Bob the Quilter... Can he quilt it? Bob the Quilter... YES HE CAN!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just had a great idea. How about Bob and Bubba on a reality show. Maybe Danielle and Gary could take them to Bush gardens and they would be put through test such as navigating the congo river rapids and riding the train. How about Bubba and the bumper cars. Of course Gary would have to intro Bob to the Gators. But never the less we need to know if they can survive and stay on the island. I think they can. They have that certain Quality about them. They can stick to what ever confronts them.
I think we have a winner here.

Borowed Dad