Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This is for you Danielle!!!!

Since Danielle has provided us with so many priceless and hilarious moments, we couldn't resist putting it all together in what we hope is a very entertaining video.

Hannah is always trying to catch Dani in the act of dancing, or anything else "special" she does.

Sara, Rachel, and Hannah


Dani said...

I thought I was going to have to kill you, but instead, it was hillarious. I was moved to tears... of laughter. haha.

Seriously though, did you notice how few shots are of us actually quilting.

Anonymous said...

Great Video. I am impressed. Hannah, You did a terrific job. I love the art effects of fading from one series to the next. Of course you had a Star Celebrity for the feature. I really see great possibilities for " The Adventures Of Bob " See Me about a script I have in mind.

Borrowed Dad

Kelly Spezzano said...

Great job Hannah! I love the part where Dani realizes you're filming her and she turns around and says "What was that?"

Anonymous said...

Ho-Hum, Nothing new here, I'm patiently waiting.....So sad and pittyful. Bob and Bubba must be lonely........

Borrowed Dad

OrcaDan said...

cool. I think I will try One Meidia. Does it work on youtube?
please tell me