Sunday, May 11, 2008

week 8---emotion!!

OK! WEEK 8, usually I explain next to the pictures what they r ect, but they loaded really funky.just a jumble of letters, and it takes a really long time to load them, so I have to do it differantly! (AND WE MAY BE ABLE TO GET THE VIDEOS UP HERE VERY SOOOOON!) this week we did quilting at sis. Bonita Varnums house, she has been wanting us to do it over there, and we wanted to, so.......... we did. :) yep.
This week, for some reason, the quilters were just not putting the kind of energy out that I needed for my pictures, but after I told them, they did a pretty good job putting out more energy/emotion.....
Once again, Danielle attempted to use a weapon on Rachel, lol, but she just cant keep a straight face!!
Sis. Kelly did awesome with emotion shots when she lost her needle on the ground! (after looking around for a while, I was able to locate it)
I really like the one of all four of them....I call it..."Desperation"
Bob, was overwhelmed with "emotion" when his cousin, Bubba showed up! Bubba is all the way from Alabama!!! and is going to be staying with Bob, and coming to quilting! Bob was estatic! They are the best of friends! And in case you did not notice, Bubba is a little redneck.
Another newsflash! Bob has a new face!! is it not the cutest little Tomato face you have ever seen??????
that about wraps it up for week 8!
sorry these are so late! I was super busy this week!
oh! and rachel was bored so she was poking her eye out with the needle....not. at quilting, they call Rachel............special. if you ask them what word describes Rachel, they would say special.
aaaaaaah! alas! I must mention, that a person of many she not?


Kelly Spezzano said...

I think I need to invent a special contraption that keeps the needle on the thread! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly, Isn't that contraption called a knot. Sorry but someone already invented that. Girls, I just wanted to say that "Bob & Bubba" are the funniest masscotts I have ever seen. I look forward to their adventures as much as anything else. You girls have a great since of humor, and your funny too. You Keep me in stitches.

Borrowed Dad

Dani said...

haha Borrowed Dad, you are in stitches, hahaha. Thank you for your wonderful comment, we are happy that we keep someone entertained, that means alot.