Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why the name?

Well I'm glad you asked. See Sara suggested something with stitches. I thought sisters worked since we are all Sisters in Christ. However, for Webster's take on it...

Sisters In Stitches,

1. A group of women of the same faith; a female fellow christian, who has made multiple passes of a needle in sewing. As in sisters hanging out in Sis. Tina's house, attempting to make a quilt.

2. These same women who have a local spasmodic pain; an acute lancing pain, like the piercing of a needle. As in sisters hanging out in Sis. Tina's house laughing so hard as to be in pain.

3. These same women who will need to stitch up, to mend or unite with a needle and thread; as, to stitch up a rent; to stitch up an artery. As Danielle will need stitches if Rachel continues to attack her with the rotary blade.

Webster's 1828 dictionary is amazing. Go check it out.

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~*Sara*~ said...

this is great and fits us perfectly!