Thursday, February 21, 2008

Quilting Day one: the beginning of the Adventure

hey! its Hannah again! (still signed in as Rach)

Its about 2:o5ish and Sara, Rachel, and Danielle decide to start their quilting project. They decided what fabrics they were going to use and were ready to start cutting them, when..............

they find this, Danielle had forgotten to get the rotary mat out of the car earlier when she arrived for the TLC, (around 10:00)
so the rotary mat is now warped.

how are you supose to quilt with a warped rotary mat??
2:08 - after Abel tries laying on it, its still bent badly in the one corner.
2:10-it was suggested to try ironing it.

2:15- We get the ironing board ready and the iron hot.

Our mom (sister Tina) tells Danielle and Sara to make sure you put a towl over it while ironing it.

2:18 have been ironing for a while now, but it does not seem to help much. Then one of these 3 persons has an idea.........since ironing with the towl was not working too well, they decided to try without the towl real quick.
and.........yeah, it started melting in a spot.

we were all reminded of some sermons we have been hearing recently "Let the older women teach the younger women."

so at the end of all this, their only choice was to quilt with the bent mat....but hey, its going great!
All the squares were cut out perfectly.

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Dani said...

You got that right, we managed great things, despite my excellent job in warping the mat.