Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Week 8 (yeah, Hannah is finally posting it!!!)

its Hannah! here are the week 8 pics, we are finally starting to quilt the thing together! sorry I didn't get very many pics of us actually But ya know, at a quilt gathering you never spend the whole time actually quilting. Its about half work,and half snacking/chatting!

Danielle never fails to get THIS kinda face in a picture!

Like my camera affects?



Danielle! (this should be ur profile pic or something, becuz its good!)


I baked some frozen pizzas for lunch.....which I burned for the second time. I love to take pics of people trying to eat pizza. and Sara loves to pose for them.


she's smiling, yes. but I think she secretly was thinking if I didnt stop taking pictures of her she was going to use that fork as a weapon.....

attack of the shadow cat!!!!!! shadow LOVES to play with sheets!!!!

perty shadow


Rachel planning her attack

I am kinda the "attack-picture-director person."


Dani said...

Yea! a post again!

I love the pictures of everyone and Bob and Bubba on the side. I really like how everyone but Rachel is sowing and she's attacking the camera.

sweet tooth said...

I have a picture of me! yal'l are so nice evenknow That is not a nice picture of me. :)