Saturday, September 27, 2008

Week 7 - 9/25- New Layout!!!!! video too

I'm going to let Hannah have at this like usual, but I thought I would insert a few comments here and there of my own this time in black.
Hey everyone, welcome to the new and improved layout of Sisters-in-Stitches!!!
This is your quilting reporter Hannah A. coming to you as usual (and a little late) sorry about the long wait for new blog pictures...even tho these are from the LAST week we posted (not this week) this weeks picturesd will be up soon. ( we are already starting to actually quilt it all together now! very exciting!) A lot of the pictures dont need any explaining....

below: Rachel, what else can I say?
HA! I love the look on Dani's face here....priceless
Sister Kelly, working very hard as usual


Here (above) I'm checking out No GaryB on facebook, for more check out Kelly's blog here.

(Below) Danielle has finished the patch that we are going to put on our first quilt we finished (which we haven't given away yet. she did a great job!!! it has all of our initials, the date we finished it, and our name "Sisters-in-Stitches, and "quilt 1" on it

Bob and Bubba being adorable
seee? quilt one is still here. we are HOPING to give it to one of the elderly ladies at our church, if she wants it.

Sara's kitty shadow. Abel was playing with his remote control car and Shadow loves chasing it.

See Bob is the King of Tomatoes! We are very honored to have him come to quilting with us. Below all the remaining pictures Abel took for us after Rachel and Hannah and Cloe left for the eye doctor's.
Abel really likes his superman shirt, and wanted all to see it.

After we finished cleaning up the kitchen and stuffs. Sara hanging out making us pregnant ladies look even bigger.


Dani said...

the new background looks great guys!

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

Your new page looks great! Can't wait to see how quilt #2 comes out!

sweet tooth said...

This is funny Because the walls are pink! Al the white stuff is pink.

shivanthy said...

NICE BLOG nicely done

just have a look my blog thanks