Thursday, April 10, 2008


WEEK 5 PICS ARE HERE! we had an awesome time this week! we were not able to do quilting the last 2 weeks because things came up. But WE ARE BACK!!!!! IT was a really good day, (not too many I may be posting more pictures later! Kelly was not able to join us this time though because she was not feeling up to it,because as we all know, she is going to be having a baby! Bob also had a few adventures!

^^^hahaha! Rachel newest weapon!!^^whip cream bottle spray stuff!!!! lol!!!

Bob really enjoys his music, we could not get him away from the music player.....

We had a special guest come today, from the far east. I have another one I should upload later

GASP!!!!!!!!!!! WHAA?? its ok people!!!!! everything is under control, we were able to repair this!

Rachel with "her" quilt!! just kidding... (of course yuo knew that)

ok here is the better today we added the boarder!!

when we have difficult times, Bob takes over for us

Now we are at walmart looking for quilt backing!



Kelly Spezzano said...

You ladies are just AWESOME! I was amazed to see the pink border! I am sorry I missed, and at the rate I have been feeling lately (a little more energetic) I hope to be back soon! I am glad Bob was able to keep you all in line! LOL

Dani said...

plaid is pretty, it just wouldn't match.

~*Hannah*~ said...

Are u SURE the plaid would not match??? lol just kidding! and um.....the triangle upload or not to upload....that is the question.