Saturday, March 1, 2008

more of quilting day two pictures (awesome...)

It is so much fun to quilt with church friends, its also alot of fun to lock Danielle outside! lol (by the way this was not my idea, none of the schemes are my idea, I am just their very humble photographer)
poor danielle!
i put this pic up for sara because she said I did not get any pictures of her, well, here is proof!
haha! on the way over to our house, Danielle and Kelly both happened to get Burger king, and both some type of coke drink, and the same size cup! in this picture, Danielle is trying to figure out if the cup she had just taken a sip out of was hers! lol (it was)
rachel concentrating! matching squares takes a lot of concentration!

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Kelly Spezzano said...

Ha Ha... Danielle makes for great blogs! Thanks for letting me join in!